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Tokyo, here I come !

Posted on : 27-04-2010 | By : Nathan | In : Travelogue


tokyo tripThis is my 1st post in years, so I may be a little rusty. I am heading to Japan for a total of 11 days.  Japan has been #1 on my list of places to visit, so this is literally a dream come true.  I will be spending 4 days in Kyoto and about a week in Tokyo. I am really interested in the ancient cultural side of things, as well as all of the cutting edge futuristic side as well. Some  activities include:

- Cultural districts & temples
- Sumo match (already have tickets)
- Climb Mt. Fuji
- Visit the Sony store
- Tokyo-Disney
- The world-famous fish market

I will make sure to upload images and make posts as often as possible. Be sure to leave comments if you visit the site, just to let me know you stopped by. This should be a pretty good trip, and while I will be working, I am going to try and enjoy myself.

My buddy Derek (who is stationed in Japan) is going to be accompanying me on the trip. Actually, he pretty much set everything up, so I guess I am actually his side-kick. He organized the hotels, trains, sumo, and everything. I just had to use some frequent-flyer miles and get over there ! He even gave me a little “mission” package with a pre-programmed cell-phone, yen, tickets, and everything I need once I step off the plane. Thanks Derek, for putting all this together!

Well, I’ve gotta to pack, the plane leaves in 18 hours ;)

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Hey Son,
Well, not long now . . . I am really excited for you . . . something that would have been helpful, or maybe you already have, an iphone, I think I saw where they do language translations . . . but am sure you have all that under control . . . enjoy your trip will check in on your updates . . . HAVE FUN . . . BE SAFE . . . LOVE MOM…..

Hey, hope your safe!! let me know when you get there… New Site looks Awesome… Scobie says HI too.


Thanks for stopping by the site … Just arrived and will make another short post shortly ! Been 27 hours since I left my house and arrived to the hotel, so I am beat !

Glad you got there okay . . . sounds like a really LOOOOOOng trip to me . . . talked to Niamh today . . . told her I am betting Dublin and Paddy O Prado for her in the Derby . . . have fun be safe . . . !

yeah son . . . love all the pics and stories, sounds like you are having a great time . . . talked to Niamh a couple of times sounds like she is doing good and working hard . . . I won $36 on the derby …. have fun stay safe … love mom

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