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Finishing Strong …

Posted on : 09-05-2010 | By : Nathan | In : Travelogue


I did not get a chance to update you with a new post because the last couple days have been a blur. I am just now finding time to sit down and write a post for the last couple days, even though I leave for the airport in only a few hours. We packed TONS of activities into the last 48 hours …

We started off yesterday morning bright and early, and making our way to the Tokyo outskirts where Tokyo Disney is located. The park was very busy since it was Saturday, but we managed to ride all of the major attractions. To be honest, the park was just like what we have in the states. However, it is a bit smaller, and the rides are a little less aggressive. Not to mention, there were only 2 white people there :) We rode “Big Thunder Mountain” and “Space Mountain”, ate some tasty snacks, and went to the “Haunted House” and more. A good time was had by all !

We worked up one heck of an appetite for dinner, after an entire day of walking around the amusement park. Derek kept talking about this style of dinner called “Shabu Shabu”, so we had to give that a try for sure. We were lucky enough to stumble upon a really good “isakaya” a block from our subway station. It was on the 5th floor and we had a view of the beautiful city lights. Shabu Shabu consists of heating broth and vegetables on a burner at the table, then dipping your meat into it to cook it. Once everything is thoroughly cooked, you use your chopsticks to eat. It was a typical Japanese style meal, where food just kept coming and coming, all at different times, all cooked perfectly.

The night was still young, at just past 9pm, so we decided to go to another Karaoke bar called “Big Echo”. We flipped through the thousands of songs, sang our hearts out, drank lots of beer, and had one heck of a time ! I actually ended up losing my voice by the end of the booth rental time, which was likely a good thing ;)

Today we slept in a bit due to the previous nights festivities. Once we were awake and freshened up, we headed out to watch something I have been waiting years to see … Sumo Wrestling ! We got lucky with the schedule, because today was the 1st of the 15 day tournament, and Derek was able to get us tickets months ago. You would not believe the spectacle, pageantry, posturing, and bad ass wrestling we beheld at today’s event. Some of these guys weighed over 600 pounds and were fast as lightning. We watched around 40-50 matches, all the way to the final where the current “Yokozuna” (highest rank of sumo) whipped his opponent. Very cool indeed !

The last mission to accomplish was to get some sushi. We took the subway to Shinjuku Station and located a fantastic sushi restaurant a few blocks away. This place only sat about 30 and it was packed with locals, as well as foreigners, so we knew it would be good. We got our fill, drank some beer, and had a postmortem on the trip. We decided to head to one final bar called Heartland for one last beer before heading back to pack for tomorrow’s trip home.

unordinary: Well, it’s Mother’s Day, so I thought my mom would get a kick out of this Japlish translation.

I want to thank Derek for single-handedly putting this trip together. We have been talking about this for years, and there is no way it would have happened if he hadn’t organized it. I am really thankful to have such a great friend who would go to such lengths to make all this happen. Time sure went by fast, but the memories will last forever.

I appreciate everyone who took time to read my blog, check the pics, and leave comments.

Japan, done ….

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Hi Son . . . love the translation . . . mostly your pic . . . sounds like an exciting end to the trip . . . that wrestling had to be awesome . . . am glad you and Derek had a good time and looking forward to having you safely back home . . . and schedule a trip to florida sometime soon . . . thanks again for my flowers, and Niamh gave me a call this morning to wish me a happy Mothers day . . . I know Scobie will be elated to have to back!

Love Always . . . Mom

I sure hate to see your trip end… I really look forward to the posts and pics every day!

Thanks D from me for such a great adventure to read about every day. Take good care of yourself.

Be good to have you back home Nate.


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