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Last Couple Days …

Posted on : 04-05-2010 | By : Nathan | In : Travelogue


Before we made our way to Tokyo, we wanted to spend the morning at one final national monument. It is called the Fushimi Inari Shrine
. It consisted of thousands of “Torii” going all the way up an entire mountain and back down. I added some images of them to the gallery so check them out.

We made it into Tokyo after taking the bullet-train from Kyoto at around 3pm. We then checked into our new hotel, which is actually run for the military, right in the center of Tokyo. the hotel is super plush and is only 1 subway stop away from the Rappongi district. After unpacking and taking a refreshing swim, we ventured out to meet some of Derek’s friends.

I was starving, so we arranged to go to the “Ninja Restaurant“. It is a themed restaurant that included our very own Ninja training, private dining hall, and magic show. We had a blast and I highly recommend this to anyone traveling in Tokyo or New York (they just built one there). After dinner, we headed to sing Karaoke at one of the many karaoke bars, then finished things up at a 70′s Disco bar called “Sonic Boogie”.

Next Day:

I have always wanted to visit the Sony Building in the Ginza district, so I can finally mark that off of the list. It was awesome, as I got to see loads of things the US likely wont have for a couple years. We also made it to Shibuya Crossing, which is famous for being the world’s busiest intersection. As part of the traffic cycle, traffic stops in all directions to allow people to cross in one of 5 directions. Really cool …

We made it to the Tokyo National Gardens after 1.5 hours of searching. However, it had closed about 30 minutes prior to our arrival. Bummer … back onto the subway and looking for some dinner. I finally got some sushi ! Now, time to get some rest …

unordinary: Check out the Wiener Dog … Read the description at the top for a good laugh.

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What a step back into a culture rich in its own ancient history — yet one of the most cutting edge in modern times as well.

Did you two get jobs as bouncers at the Ninja Restaurant? Pics kinda look like that.

These posts are great!

– jwm

WoW.. you guys fit a lot into one day… It sounds like Tokyo is everything you expected it to be and more.. How was the Sushi?? Don’t forget to go to the fish market either! Enjoy it all and take loads of pics

Scobie says hi too..


Thanks for stopping by, I am glad someone is reading my posts… I am staying super busy so it is tough to find an hour to site and write the posts. I will keep them coming though.

We have been following your progress looks great safe home


happy birthday

aunt mel

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