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Money & Experts Solve All !

Posted on : 14-10-2010 | By : Nathan | In : Rants & Raves


Every so often I read something that just begs a response:. I just could not let this one pass by without weighing in.


This is a perfect example of how ridiculous we have become … In case you were not aware, the US has a major problem concerning the school cafeterias where kids are fed shitty, high-fat food, processed, fried foods, and it is a major contributing factor to child and adolescent obesity. The kids/students get to choose whatever they want, which typically includes french fries and other nasty processed foods on a daily basis. This is a well documented issue across the US, even going as far as spurring a show on national television to help try and change things from Jamie Oliver (famously known for improving the health of the entire UK’s school menu):


So the US govt says “lets spend millions of dollars on psychologists to figure out how to improve this”. Things like pretty display baskets, hiding chocolate milk behind regular milk, and “cash-only” deserts…  But all of the options are still available to the student, they just have to look/work harder for them or possibly be enticed by nicer display options on the healthy items. So basically, after spending millions and calling in all sorts of know-it-all self-proclaimed experts (psychologists) we are either trying to trick the students or we are relying on their laziness or lack of cash to make them default back to something that is healthier. that is their solution, ridiculous

Here is my solution: Simply remove the shitty food options from their daily lunch choices altogether. Give them only options which are all decent/healthy choices. Remember, healthy does not have to mean boring or bland. They can either choose the good food that the school is supplying or if they don’t like it, they can pack their own. That way the  fatty and unhealthy foods come from the children’s parents poor choices, not from the govt. or state funded school.

Spend millions on psychologists or just remove the unhealthy options, costing nothing. One option gambles millions on the most remote possibility of any dietary change occurring at all. The other gambles nothing, costs nothing, and guarantees the kids cannot choose poorly.

Money & shrinks or common sense ?  Simple !

Unordinary: Anyone remember “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies” ? In case you don’t, they were a green pie shell filled with vanilla pudding. They also came with a cool character trading card. I can’t tell you how many of those I had at our school cafeteria… I bet if it was not available, I would not have eaten any of them. Hrm …